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About our journey

Southeast Bank Capital Services Limited (SEBCSL)

Southeast Bank Capital Services Limited (SEBCSL), is a fully owned subsidiary of Southeast Bank Limited. The company was incorporated on September 23, 2010, vide certificate of incorporation no. C-87139/10, and registered as a full-fledged merchant banker under license no. MB-48/2010, dated November 22, 2010, issued by the Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission under the Merchant Banker and Portfolio Manager Rules, 1996. It is one of the leading investment banks in the country with a paid-up capital of BDT 5.50 billion. SEBCSL has been actively operating in the capital market since its inception in 2010. The Board of Directors is composed of highly experienced scholars, chartered accountants, economists, and individuals with entrepreneurial track records and business development experience.

SEBCSL offers its clients a wide range of services, including portfolio management, issue management, corporate advisory services, underwriting for the IPO and rights issue, mergers and acquisitions-related services, business valuation, syndication, structured finance, etc. The company is committed to providing a competitive advantage in investment banking services to its large-based clients through the expert management and support of the parent company.

SEBCSL already has made a track record in assisting the growth of the nation's capital market. It strives to maintain the highest standards of ethics, transparency, and professionalism in all its dealings and is committed to providing timely accurate information, sound advice, and quality services. Its goal is to become a leading player in the Bangladesh capital market by offering innovative and value-added solutions to its clients while maintaining its position as a trusted and reliable partner for all their capital market needs.