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Underwriting Services

Southeast Bank Capital Services Limited (SEBCSL) is a full-fledged Merchant Bank that provides underwriting services to its clients. Underwriting is a primary market activity that mitigates the financial risks associated with issue management services. SEBCSL believes in creating better value for the market and is willing to take risks so that clients can enter the market with complete financial security.

SEBCSL's responsibilities include evaluating and assessing the offering, arranging underwriting for IPOs, RPOs, and rights issues, and issuing a due diligence certificate for agreements and documents. We also coordinate the documentation for underwriting agreements. If there is an undersubscription, SEBCSL will subscribe to the stated amount in order to mitigate risk for those clients.

SEBCSL acted as an underwriter for the Initial public offerings (IPOs) and Rights issues of several companies, with a combined underwriting value of BDT 915 million.

Some of our work history

Here you can see some major achievements of SEBCSL over the last few years.

SEBCSL Role  Name of the Client Activity
Underwriter Express Insurance Limited IPO
Underwriter Bashundhara Paper Mills Limitd IPO
Underwriter Dhaka Regency Hotel Limited IPO
Underwriter New Line Clothing Limited IPO
Underwriter Esquire Knit Composite Limited IPO
Underwriter Lub-rref (Bangladesh) Limited IPO
Underwriter Mohammad Elias Brotthers POY Manufacturing Plant Ltd IPO
Underwriter Dragon Sweater and Spinning Ltd. Right Issue
Underwriter Achia Sea Food Limited IPO
Underwriter Three Angle Mariner Limited IPO
Underwriter Onetex Limited IPO
Underwriter Sena Kalyan Insurance Co. Ltd IPO
Underwriter First Security Islami Bank Ltd Right Issue
Underwriter Global Islami Bank Limited IPO
Underwriter Islami Commercial Insurance Company Limited IPO