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Corporate Advisory

Corporate Advisory

In today’s extremely complex & dynamic business environment, getting to know your business options & growth opportunities will put you one step ahead to others. Southeast Bank Capital Services Ltd(sebcsl). believes that you should explore all of your options to move forward while staying on course for maximum value addition to your organization. Our hands-on expertise coupled with the right balance between the strategies & goal-achievement will surely help you to explore the uncharted territories of ample business growth opportunities & achieve the desired goals. Let the opportunities be explored through sebcsl & we will proudly act on behalf of you.

Our Corporate Advisory activities include the following services:

1.  Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A): Merchant Banks can assist clients in identifying potential targets for M&A deals, assessing the strategic fit and financial viability of those targets, and structuring and executing the transaction.

2.  Capital Raising: Merchant Banks can help clients raise capital through various means, such as debt financing, equity financing, or other structured finance solutions.

3.  Restructuring: Merchant Banks can advise clients on restructuring their operations or debt in order to improve their financial position and unlock value.

4.  Strategic Planning: Merchant Banks can work with clients to develop and refine their long-term strategic plans, helping them to identify new growth opportunities and optimize their operations.

5.  Valuation: Merchant Banks can provide clients with valuation services, which involve analyzing the financial performance and assets of a company to determine its true worth.